We know very well how much the quality of air effects our wellbeing, therefore it’s essential to have a good diffusion of air. Airplast offers a series of products compatible to any kind of technical and design necessity, especially indicated to maintain the same quality without losing characteristics such as colour, composition and form. Furthermore there could come important benefits from using PVC; it doesn’t create condensation, it’s noncorrosive, it’s doesn’t cause sound, it’s light, it’s fireproof, it can be painted, furthermore it doesn’t absorb energy therefore it’s ideal and advised in locations with high energy efficient labels.

Silent Compact Box and Silent Cabinet for Sky 150 / 200
New solution for HRV installation, ideal for dwellings without a technical room.
Adaptors and distribution box for HRV system
Adaptors and distribution box for HRV, construction in galvanized metal sheet and plastic material for circular and semi-oval ducts.
Screens FLAT series + grilles HRV
Air -supply and -extraction elements that integrate perfectly with your interior design.